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About the status of adventurers


Adventurers who become companions are given names in advance, but you can change them to any name by tapping the name part of the member details screen.

Race / Faith

Race and faith affect the adventurer’s initial parameters.

Basic status

The basic status is as follows.

VIT … It affects HP, defense power, shield defense power and so on.
STR … It affects physical attack power, physical defense power and so on.
MAG … It affects magical attack power, magical defense power and so on.
DEX … It affects hit rate, shield evasion rate, critical rate and so on.
AGL … It affects attack speed, shield avoidance rate and so on.

Each parameter

Physical Attack Power (PhyAtk)… The power of skills acquired with weapon of sword, mace, bow, and dagger.
Magical Attack Power (MagAtk) … The power of skills acquired with weapon of fire, ice, thunder, and wind.
Penetration Rate (PeneRate) … The power to reduce the opponent’s defense power.
Physical Defense Power (PhyDef) … The power to defend the opponent’s physical attack.
Magical Defense Power (MagDef) … The power to defend the opponent’s magical attack.
Critical Defense Power (CritDef) … The power to reduce the opponent’s critical damage.
Hit Rate (HitRate) … The ability to hit the attack on the opponent. It is further corrected by the level difference with the opponent.
Shield Defense Power (ShiDef) … Increases defense power when guarding with a shield.
Shield Avoidance Rate (ShiRate) … The probability to guard with a shield.
Critical Power (CritPow) … The power of critical attack.
Critical Rate (CritRate) … The probability of occurrence of critical.
Attack Speed (Speed) … The speed until skill can be activated again after using skill.
Flashy (Flashy) … The extent to which attention can be drawn even with normal skills. (100% at the same level as “Charge Attack” or “Dancing Sword”.)
Breath Defence (BreDef) … the power to reduce breath-type damage.

Weapon Level

There are eight weapons levels below.
The type of weapon equipped increases the corresponding weapon level.
However, it can not grow beyond the growth limit of “class” described later.

Sword … Physical attack. Defense / Attack type.
Mace … Physical attack. Protection / Attack type.
Dagger … Physical attack. Attack type.
Bow … Physical attack. Attack / Support type.
Fire … Magical attack. Attack type.
Thunder … Magical attack. Attack / Support type.
Ice … Magical attack. Recovery / Defensive type.
Wind … Magical Attack. Recovery type.

Weapon level and hit

“Hit Rate” represents the probability of attack hitting, but this number is not used as it is, and further correction is included based on the difference between your weapon level and opponent’s level. In addition, the corrected numerical value becomes 99.5% at maximum, and the probability of missing remains slightly.

If your weapon level is lower than opponent’s level, it is easy to hit even if the number is small, or conversely, if opponent’s level is higher, it will be easier to miss even if the number is 100 or more.

Also, if you make a miss, it will become “graze attack” with a certain probability, 30% of damage will be given.
1. Scroll down where the red text representing damage scrolls up normally.
2. The skill name of the battle message is followed by “…”, such as “attack …”.


By growing specific weapon levels, you can change to various classes.
By changing to a higher class, you can earn a bonus to HP, SP, basic status, and you can extend the growth limit of skills described later. Since class change is always possible at any time, let’s always be a higher class.

[Fighter type]

class Required weapon level Growth limit
Fighter none 15/ 15/ 15/ 15/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 0
Soldier sword/mace 15 30/ 30/ 15/ 15/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 0
Knight sword/mace 30 50/ 30/ 15/ 15/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 15
Paladin sword/mace 50 100/ 50/ 30/ 30/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 15
Warrior sword/mace 30 30/ 50/ 15/ 15/ 0/ 15/ 0/ 0
Gladiator sword/mace 50 50/100/ 30/ 30/ 0/ 15/ 0/ 0
Scout bow/dagger 15 15/ 15/ 30/ 30/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 0
Assassin bow/dagger 30 15/ 15/ 30/ 50/ 0/ 0/ 15/ 0
Ninja bow/dagger 50 30/ 30/ 50/100/ 0/ 0/ 15/ 0
Rogue bow/dagger 30 15/ 15/ 50/ 30/ 15/ 0/ 0/ 0
Sniper bow/dagger 50 30/ 30/100/ 50/ 15/ 0/ 0/ 0

(* sword/mace/bow/dagger/fire/ice/thunder/wind)

[Mage type]

class Required weapon level Growth limit
Mage none 0/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 15/ 15/ 15/ 15
Sorcerer fire/thunder 15 0/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 30/ 15/ 30/ 15
Wizard fire/thunder 30 0/ 0/ 0/ 15/ 50/ 15/ 30/ 15
High Wizard fire/thunder 50 0/ 0/ 0/ 30/100/ 30/ 50/ 15
Warlock fire/thunder 30 0/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 30/ 30/ 50/ 15
Adeptus fire/thunder 50 0/ 0/ 0/ 30/ 50/ 30/100/ 15
Cleric ice/wind 15 0/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 15/ 30/ 15/ 30
Priest ice/wind 30 0/ 15/ 0/ 0/ 15/ 30/ 15/ 50
High Priest ice/wind 50 0/ 15/ 0/ 0/ 30/ 50/ 30/100
Bishop ice/wind 30 0/ 0/ 0/ 0/ 30/ 50/ 15/ 30
Prophet ice/wind 50 0/ 15/ 0/ 0/ 30/100/ 30/ 50

(* sword/mace/bow/dagger/fire/ice/thunder/wind)


Adventurers can acquire various skills by raising the weapon level. After raising the level and acquiring new skills, let’s review the skill set.

[Passive skill and active skill]

There are two types of skills: large passive skills and active skills.
1. Active skill … A skill that sets it in a skill set and use it during battle like “Smash” or “Heal”. As described later, the power is limited by equipment weapons and growth limits of classes, but once you acquire it you can use it at any time.
2. Passive skill … A skill that is always effective like ‘STR UP’ or ‘Enable Shield’. There is no limit like active skill. For example, if you acquire “Enable Shield”, you can equip shields regardless of weapon level and classes. If you feel a deadlock in your quest, you may want to try not only to upgrade the main weapon skill but also to acquire the passive skills of another weapon skill.

[Target type and attack count]

There are four target types of attack skills: unit attack, horizontal attack, vertical attack, overall attack. Moreover, the number of times is set such as twice attack and three times attack. For example, in the case of a horizontal attack, there is an effect in one row horizontally and it will damage up to three bodies. In the case of vertical attack, there is an effect in a vertical row, but the damage becomes less as it becomes in the back row.
The recovery skill has two patterns target type, single recovery and overall recovery.

[Consumption SP]

Consumption SP is set for each skill. If the remaining SP is not enough, it can not be used. SP will automatically recover during battle. There are also armor with the effect of reducing consumption SP.


“Wait” values are set for each skill. “Wait” value is the number of seconds until you can act again after using that skill. However, the actual number of seconds is calculated from this number and the attack speed of the adventurer.

[Weapons skill and growth limit]

Once you have acquired skills, you can use it even if you switch weapons.
For example, you can use “Charge Attack” acquired with Mace Lv 5 even if you switch weapon to a sword.
However, if the skill level exceeds the growth limit of the current class, the power will decrease significantly.
Therefore, even if you use “Charge Attack” with a mage with a growth limit of Mace of 0, its power can not be exerted.

Taking Soldier as an example, the growth limits of Soldier are sword level 30, mace level 30, dagger level 15, bow level 15, magic attacks are all 0,
skills to master with sword level 1 to 30,
skills to master with mace levels 1 to 30,
skills to master with dagger levels 1 to 15,
skills to master with bow levels 1 to 15,
You can master it.

At this time, you can use magic skills or skills learned with sword skill 35 or above, but you can not demonstrate the power sufficiently.

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