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Battle Tips

Battle Tips

(1) Let’s review the equipment. Good performance armor and shield will greatly reduce damage from enemies.

(2) Let’s have recovery measures. Let’s nurture members with recovery skills such as “Wind” and “Ice”. Let’s take advantage of potions that can be purchased at the market in the beginning.

(3) Let’s decide the roles of the party’ s shield. By growing “Sword” or “Mace” level can earn the skill of gathering the enemy’s hate. By using the skill, the member can take enemy attacks at once, so let’s equip the equipment with good performance preferentially and make him shield of the party.

(4) Do not miss a critical chance. By using skills that flashing red, critical attack and addional effects such as poisoning or sleeping will be occur definitely.

(5) Let’s try to do critical combo. If the critical chance is generated continuously, the power will increase more and more. Critical chances are effective not only for attack but also for recovery, so let’s use differently depending on the situation.

(6) Select parties carefully. When you challenge a quest with multiple parties, the order in which you choose to fight is determined. Since powerful bosses often appear in the third battle, if you challenge with three teams, let’s select the strongest party last.

(7) Use multiple weapons with one member. If a member grow multiple weapon levels he can use all of those skills. Furthermore HP and SP will be increased accordingly.

(8) Let’s use low speed mode before you get used to battle. You can set the battle speed to slow on the Settings. Since there is no penalty unlike the wait mode, let’s actively use it (* wait mode reduces speed only our side.)

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