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What is rarity(★)?
In the case of an adventurer, rarity is the sum of the basic status of VIT, STR, MAG, DEX, AGL (the base value before being added by magic effect), in case of equipments, it is the level of the base item. ☆ is 1, ★ is 2, ★☆ is Rarity 3.
how to increase guild members.
Members can be employed in the following two ways.

  • You can hire through the Adventure’s Inn menu of the Market. In this case, all possessed weapons skills will be 0. You will also need gold to hire.
  • You can welcome adventurers who appear rarely when quests and missions clear. In this case, he possess any weapon skill from the beginning according to the level of the quest you have cleared.
Even though you cleared all quests, the guild level did not rise to the maximum and no new mission appeared.
In some cases, you may have cleared all of the quests which have appeared, but your Guild Level will only be 4/5, having not risen to maximum level. Your Guild Level will rise when you have cleared a quest that has a higher level than your current level. So if this situation applies to you, then please try again to clear a level 5 quest.

About adventurers

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The relationship between basic status, attack power, defense power and so on.
For example, STR affects physical attack power, but the value of physical attack power displayed on the adventurer details screen already contains the effect of STR. During battle, STR will not increase damage value beyond the value of physical attack power.
What is Penetration and Critical defense?
These are as follows.

  • Penetration: It is a force that penetrates the enemy’s defense power. For example, if Penetration is 70%, at the time of attack, reduce the enemy’s defense power to 30%.
  • Critical Defense It is the power to reduce the critical increment when receiving a critical attack from the enemies. For example, if the Critical Defense is 60%, the damage increased by the critical is reduced to 40%. The total damage does not become 40%.

About the battle

=> Battle Guide

The first battle can not win.
At first, there is only one ally character, it becomes a difficult battle. Firmly arrange the items, purchase “heal potion” and try to battle. The heal potion can be purchased cheaply, so the early stage will be a great help.
How to use items during a battle.
By tapping on the member icon, a menu opens where you can use the item. However, this menu does not open during auto mode, you can not use items.
In the auto mode, only some members will not be auto and command input is required.
By tapping the member icon in auto mode, only that member can switch between auto and manual. If you want to return from manual to auto, please tap the character icon again. Also, during auto, the character “AT” is displayed on the upper right of the character icon.
In the wait mode, I want to act another member who will be able to act soon.
By tapping the character icon and selecting “skip” you can skip that adventurer’s action and advance the time until another adventurer becomes actionable. Also, as time progresses, actionable adventurers can act at any time.


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