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What is Workshop?

It is a menu that can extract magic stone from items, and fuse it into another item.

Magical stone extracting

You can crystallize and extract the magic effect given to an item as a magic stone.
However, the extracting has the following conditions.

1. It is necessary to arrange three items with the same magic effect.
2. For the same effect, if +number and +% are present, it is regarded as the same magic effect. When extracting, which type will be determined is random. (Even if all 3 +% are arranged, it may be random result +number.)
3. Also, when you normally extracting, the grade falls by 2 to 1 level. Therefore, items to be extracted must have a magical effect of grade II or higher.
4. If two or more grades are mixed, it will fall 2 to 1 further from the lowest grade included.
5. In rare cases it is a great success in extracting and you can take it without dropping the grade.
6. All the arranged items will be lost.

Magical stone fusing

You can grant the magical stone that you extracted by fusing to another item.
However, the fusing has the following conditions.

1. Those which are not originally granted to the item type to be fused can not be fused. (For example, “Atk UP” can not be fused with shields.)
2. If two or more magic effects have already been assigned to the item to be fused, it can not be combined.
3. However, by completing the first chapter of the mission, it becomes possible to grant grade 1 magic stone, and by completing the second chapter of the mission, magic stones of grade 2 or less can each be given as the third effect .
4. Depending on the item you want to grant, you need core materials such as blades and strings as catalysts.
5. In the core material, the fusable rare degree is set, and it can not be fused to items exceeding that rare degree.
6. As with ordinary items, the core material can be acquired with a certain probability when quests are completed. Also, the lowest grade material is sold at the market excluding the material for accessories.

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